Business Telecom

As a leading provider of telecom equipment and services Nova Systems provides a full line of diversified Business Telephone solutions.  This includes a wide range of VOIP business products and solutions for any business.

Our goal is to meet your needs by consulting and designing a system around your business requirements.  With our knowledge and expertise we evaluate how technology can assist your business while maintaining overall costs.



Choosing the right Telecom solution for your business is no easy task


Business options include On-Premise, Cloud/Hosted services or even a Hybrid Solution of two.  Each option has it's advantages and disadvantages and Nova Systems can assist with additional information and help choose the best option for your business.


When evaluating these options we look at 3 primary areas.  These include upfront costs, monthly recurring costs (carrier expenses) and ongoing maintenance costs.  This sets a budget and therefore a starting good point, finally we present  options for your business so you can choose the best path forward for you.


  • On-Premise: On-premise solutions are in-house telecom systems, mainly used by the larger corporations. Instead of subscribing to a monthly service a business will purchase and own the necessary hardware and host it in-house usually in a data rack.  On-premise solutions could be based off a Standard PBX, SIP Trunking, or more recently might include IP PBX and VoIP capabilities and possibly include the building blocks for a hybrid solution. Typically premise based systems are more cost effective over time than other solutions but this equation is very dynamic so you should consult your telecom vendor before making decisions.


  • Hosted/Cloud: A Cloud or Hosted Telecom service is a monthly recurring subscription that a business subscribes to in place of owning a premise based system and/or phone lines (trunks) from a local carrier.  Depending on the vendor selected your business may need to purchase some hardware such as desktop IP phones or network equipment such as routers or Ethernet switches.  The service provider then "hosts" the telecom equipment in a remote location (usually a data center) which then provides access for your business.  The primary advantage of Cloud over Premise is monthly cost and maintenance.  Because your business does not own the hardware there are no liabilities or upkeep costs associated and in theory no failures or downtime.


  • Hybrid: A hybrid solution combines the cost savings advantages of Premise systems and the flexibility of Cloud services.  This allows a business to own, maintain and control their platform in-house (or at a data center) and then provide access to through a private cloud or VPN to remote workers or satellite offices. Application vary wildly but normally Mid-size business and organizations choose this route as it provides a great deal of control and cost savings over extended periods of time.



Cloud VoIP (Hosted)

Hosted or Cloud VoIP is a very popular solution for small businesses for numerous different reasons. Cloud based telecom systems can significantly lower the up-front costs as compared to on-premise solutions which require a substantial investment in the form of equipment and installation.  Hosted VoIP or a cloud based phone system only requires a relatively minor up-front implementation cost and many times the phones are included with the monthly subscription.


As a consumer of Cloud systems we recommend a budget of $20-$30 per month per handset.  This covers about 90% of small business' needs with additional features and capabilities available when needed.


Premise Telecom

Premise phone systems or in-house PBX have traditionally been a reliable and cost effective solution for all but the smallest of businesses.   Today virtually all systems are using VoIP both internally for desktop phones but also using VoIP for phone lines also called trunks.

Altigen Communications

MaxCS On-Premises

Altigen’s software-based IP PBX and Contact center solutions may be purchased and installed on-premises. Existing customers have the option of migrating their legacy hardware-based Altigen systems to the current all-software version or to Altigen’s hosted version. Learn more… Migrating to MaxCS Private Cloud for MaxCS On-Premises Customers.

Hybrid VoIP

Hybrid VoIP systems is a combination of a Cloud system and on-Premise phone system setup in a private co-location site or within their own server locations.  Hybrids VoIP is typically adopted by larger companies with multiple locations and many remote workers.  This allows for more control over corporate data and still retains the ultimate ROI over a continuous Cloud service.  While it does require an investment the advantages of self security and control override the cost benefits of a strictly on-premise solution.

The ROI of On-Premise systems is typically around 24 months when compared to Cloud based systems which in the long run have significantly higher costs.  for this reason many large companies are reluctant to incur the ongoing costs associated and relinquish vast amounts of control over company data. 


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